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Are the time limits for various languages different ? As python is 5x slower than cpp, so is timit limit for python is 5x as compared to cpp or is it same ?

How can i view my profile without logging in?

Hi Yash, we will publish the language specifications soon!

We will soon launch the public profile, for now we have launched a feature to reserve your Codeforces handle. Read more here.
After some period, new users would get an option to create username or handle and you will be able to see your public profile. We will publish an update soon!

In case someone changes their CF username, will it reflect here? What if I don’t want the CF username, can it be changed? And is there any way I can change my username on codedrills discuss?

And in my profile page, it is currently showing Contest name, rank and problems solved under headings team name, contest and members respectively, will it be changed? If yes, will our team contest results reflect there as well?

No there is no such feature. We allowed to use CF username for sometime so that noone else takes your handle. That time is over now. Once we release the username feature, people can register with any unused handle.

Dont link it then. You can try deleting from profile section if already added.

For now u can use anything. but later we will reset it to match it with codedrills usernames.

@deepa_panwar can confirm on this/

We have changed the headers now. We will be adding team contests too there soon. We plan to polish up the profile page and allow it to be shared publicly soon after ICPC regionals.

thank you for the information

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