Anouncement about Amritapuri ICPC and other Indian regionals

Hi all, an important announcement about icpc (

It has been decided to conduct the Asia Amritapuri ICPC Preliminary and Regional Round in the month of June and July respectively because of the current pandemic situation. Registration will end 10 days before the Preliminary Online Round.

Teams can register at two sites as per the rules, if the contest is announced by other sites. Most probably Kanpur & Gwalior sites also will host the contest. In that case, there will be one single round of online contest. This will be announced soon.

Tentative date for the Preliminary Round Online contest: Last week of June 2021.

Duration: 2.5 hours

There is no registration fee to participate in the Preliminary Online Round.

Regional Round: July second week.

Duration: 5 hours

Teams will be promoted after the Preliminary Online Round.

Regional Round will be held online on CODEDRILLS platform.

Amrita will host the regional round in the online mode with the following selection criteria.

Total Slots: 700

Teams solving at least one problem in the Preliminary Online Round are eligible for the Regional Round.
Top team from each institution is selected first.
Rest of the slots are filled in the rank order.


Won’t having the Regionals Online be a source to rampant cheating??

Do you mean Preliminary Round over here?

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Regionals will also be online. There isn’t much option given the situation. Many other regionals were also held online this time.

Will there be an Asia West Finals or only the Top Team from the regionals will qualify for ICPC WF?

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Most probably yes, Asia West would also happen especially if multiple regionals happen. Exact details and final confirmation should happen in coming weeks.

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What would be the exact criteria to qualify for World Finals?

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That will mostly be announced later once slots are allocated.

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Hi, does that mean date for registration will be extended beyond 30th april or is 30th still the last date to register?


It is extended too. It will be till 10 days before the online round date.

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Hey, I have registered for ICPC on the Baylor site but the status is still showing pending. May I know how much time will it take for the team to get accepted?

I would like to better understand the logistics of holding the regional round online. Is there any official announcement related to the same?

By logistics, I refer to instructions about maybe having multiple webcams, team account, multiple logins etc. How do submissions work, can all teammates submit?

@Balajiganapathi Can you share any details regarding this?

Also, is there some webpage where we can see updates regarding the dates being finalised for online round and other subsequent contests.

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Hi, there is no update on date as of now. We will post in discuss when there is one. Re. regional logistics, nothing is finalised as of yet. You can check how other regionals have held online regional rounds to get an idea.

Its already half the year gone, no one replies on the email mentioned

can someone in authority at amrita share some updates, the delay on contest is way too much now

@Balajiganapathi @gupta_samarth

Hello @Balajiganapathi , I have posted on Codeforces too. Am doing here for wider reach. The Amritapuri First Round Online Programming Contest registrations last date on their website is showing 20 June 2021 but the ICPC website has closed the registrations. Is there something that we can do to register?

They should extend the last date on the ICPC website too. Check back after some time.

@sam000013 they have fixed it, please check now.

Thanks for the quick fix.

@Balajiganapathi whenever my team try to register for regionals, the site says that error 503 what should I do?

@Balajiganapathi @vichitr please help me with this issue I am getting error request failed with status code 503 again and again