How to create team

Some rules about participating in a team contest:

  1. You have to be an accepted member of a team to submit in a team contest
  2. You can only create/delete a team or accept/decline a team invite before the contest starts. So, please register well in advance
  3. Only the creator of a team can delete the team

Here is how to create a team:

  1. In the contest page, click the My Team tab
  2. Click create team and enter the name of the team, and emails of the coach(Optional) and team members that you wish to invite and othere required details in form.
  3. Invited team members can accept or decline an invitation. They can do this by visiting the link received in the mail or going to the contest page’s my team tab. Please note that users have to be logged in to accept the invite.
  4. Even if email is not received, the invitees can still accepte by going to the contest page (after logging in) and checking the “My team” tab to accept the invite. It is also possible to accept by directly visiting the team link.
  5. Refresh and check whether your status is showing as accepted (green)

Please ensure that all members of the team have already been registered on CodeDrills before inviting them. You also have to login with the email id in the invite to be able to accept the team invite.

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