Indian ICPC Regionals 2021-22

ICPC Rules

  • Each team can have 3 members from the same college
  • A team can participate in a maximum of two regionals
  • Only coach can register the team
  • Check full rules at
  • As of now following 3 regionals are planning to host this year.

Regional details

Regional Amritapuri Kanpur-Mathura Gwalior-Pune
Preliminary round 4th Sept, 8:00 -10:30 PM
Preliminary Contest Platform CodeDrills
ICPC India 2021 Practice Session Contest Link
ICPC India 2021 Preliminary Online Round Contest Link
Registration deadline 19 Aug 2022 20 Aug 2022 26 Aug 2022
Regional round 7 - 8 Oct, 2022 30 Sep – 01 Oct, 2022 3 - 4 Oct, 2022
Regional slots 160 70 85
Platform CodeDrills TBA CodeDrills

Details about Qualifier Round

ICPC India 2021 Practice Session - Contest Link
ICPC India 2021 Preliminary Online Round - Contest Link
Selection Rules for Onsite Contests - Link
CodeDrills Telegram Channel - Link

Teams have been uploaded to Preliminary Round. Please verify your teams!


  • If a participant is in two teams, they will receive separate credentials for both teams. Also whichever login credentials they are using, according to that their submission will be considered for appropriate team!
  • If a participant is part of two different teams, then during the online round, they have to participate only as a member of one team. If there are similar codes because of this, both teams risk getting disqualified for plagiarism.
  • If someone isn’t participating in practice contest, and facing some error in prelims, we cant do anything at that time!
  • There would be common Qualifier Round for all Indian Regionals. Separate rank lists would be prepared after the contest to determine qualified teams for each Regional Onsite.
  • Please create your accounts with same emails on CodeDrills and try solving a few problems to clear login, email verification issues and get familiarised with the platform!

Past Contests:


Is there only 3 regions in India for ICPC ?

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There are 5. But only these 3 conducted last year!

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This year how many will Conduct 2 or 3 ? please answer.


Hopefully 3! Nothing is final till the regionals themselves announce it on their site and open for registration on ICPC site.


By when approximately could Gwalior-Pune be announced? Since Amritapuri’s registration is tomorrow, a lot of teams would like to know the schedule for Gwalior-Pune beforehand.

Also, any news of the number of regional slots in Kanpur and Gwalior-Pune?

Lastly, could you please tell us how many unique colleges have registered for Amritapuri until now? If its near 135, a lot of teams would want to opt for another regional. TIA! :slight_smile:

Gwalior: It should be announced by tomorrow mostly. We have tried to find as much information as we can. But we do not have more information yet!
Kanpur: We are not in sync with Kanpur Regional, please keep track on their page only!
Amritapuri: Unique college count was around 135 today!


Our team status shows Accepted on ICPC website but we haven’t received any mail regarding the team formation, registrations or confirmation. So, should we consider ourselves confirmed for the contest? Also, do we need to link our ICPC account to CodeDrills?

Hey this is enough for now! They will share the teams with CodeDrills after registration period is over! They will send the contest details after registration period is over! Because they will mail everyone together!
Meanwhile you can ask your teammates to create accounts with same emails on CodeDrills so that you don’t face login issues later! If not done, it would be created when we invite the teams after regional share with us!

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Hey @vichitr, our team status shows “Accepted” and we also made the payment for Amritapuri online round. Still, we are getting eligibility issue because of “xyz has already graduated” error. We don’t need to do anything from our end right?

Hey yeah! Nothing else is needed!


Hey @vichitr , if we don’t do the payment, it would be considered that our registration is cancelled right? And will we be able to register for other regionals afterwards?


Hey @vichitr
The payment gateway for Amritapuri online round has closed. We assumed the gateway would be open till EOD since the announcement didn’t specify any closing time. A few other teams from our college are in a similar situation and a few others have also commented on the codeforces blog.
Is there anything that can be done? It would be helpful if the organizers could reopen the payment gateway until EOD for the remaining teams to pay.
Thank you


Hey, @vichitr Could you please let me know if this is not the registration link for the preliminary rounds in Gwalior and Pune?
Gwalior and Pune Regionals


It seems like this is the link! But we are not able to verify it with Gwalior site yet! Waiting from their response!

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Hey it was opened again for sometime, hope you were able to do!


Yes, we were able to pay.
Thanks a lot!!

How many unique colleges overall for amritapuri currently?

Can anyone confirm, for Kanpur, we have to choose 2022-23 or 2021-22?

Need to wait until we receive the teams!