Indian ICPC Regionals 2021-22

@vichitr As said earlier, we have canceled one of our regional (Kanpur) after paying the fees, but I have still received email from codedrills regarding practice session for Kanpur regional on a different team. It looks like the system is still treating me as a part of two separate teams.

You can ignore the other credentials if you have canceled. We added all teams whichever we got from the Regionals. Kanpur still sent your team hence its added.

Say we got rank 1 in our college and we are selected for regionals but can’t attend the regional. So is it possible the rank 2 team of our college can go to regionals ?

No, it moves to next eligible team according to overall ranklist, not just your college’s.

@vichitr If there is a common contest for all regions, then, isn’t it possible for same team to qualify for two regionals, in which they have registered ?

It is. And obviously there would be many such teams! Each Regional will see ranklist with their own teams only to select the qualified teams.

@Balajiganapathi @vichitr
Would request your help as we have registered our team for ICPC Kanpur but are yet to receive login credentials/any related mail.
Team Name: RuntimeTerror
University: Netaji Subhas University of Technology

@RAGHAV_MANGLA The team is not present in the data we received from ICPC Kanpur. Please check with them directly.

We have already submitted the registration fees and the google form as asked. Please let us know how to contact ICPC Kanpur for resolving this.

@RAGHAV_MANGLA Check the Kanpur regional site link in this post (at the top), you will see contact information there.

We have registered for Gwalior Pune regionals and also paid the fees before the deadline but we weren’t able to register on icpc global since it was not open. But we can’t find our names in gwalior pune priliminary contest list. I don’t think this is a mistake on our part since we kept waiting for the icpc global portal to register so that we can register there as well, but it didn’t open after we registered on the google form. Can’t the teams who don’t have their names on the icpc portal take part or register there now ?

1.If team securing college rank 1 got selected for one of the regionals, so is there a chance for team securing college rank 2 for getting selected in another regionals?
2. What are the number of seats available for Gwalior- Pune regionals?

@Aaru only the regionals can update team data.


  1. No - each regionals consider the teams that registered for them independently of other regionals.
  2. They have not yet announced it.
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@vichitr @Balajiganapathi
My team has withdrawn from the icpc kanpur prelims but we still got added to the practice round and now also the prelims round. We have cancelled the team on the icpc baylor website on 31st august but are still added to it. Since we had registered for the other two regionals also, we had to cancel it according to the rules. Could you please help me.
Team name: TnP@RGIPT
College name: Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology

@balajiganapathi @vichitr We have registered for Gwalior after canceling Kanpur. I have canceled Kanpur through the self-cancel button, and then it used to show the team is canceled, but now when I am opening the dashboard today, it again is showing that our Kanpur team is accepted (not canceled)

What to do next? Should I ask the coach to self cancel the Kanpur team again? And do I have to mail the RCD also?

Now the self-cancel button is also not working in coach dashboard

The best thing is to mail the RCD. We won’t remove the team in last moment. Decision on considering your team would lie with RCDs. If they are ok, you won’t have any issue!

I mailed Kanpur RCD but they never reply, I mail them earlier also but received no reply.

And why is this even happening? When I canceled Kanpur regional long ago, it was showing canceled, but suddenly it started showing accepted again when I opened dashboard yesterday

We forgot to pay the fees can u pls allow us to pay the fees now.Pls .Sorry for the inconvience.