Indian ICPC Regionals 2021-22

@Sunil_Aditya Hey sorry, it is too late to add or modify teams now.

The number of unique colleges are greater than the number of total slots of ampritapuri so how will the regional teams be decided in ampritapuri regionals. @Balajiganapathi

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how much time it will take to declare result of Preliminary round ?

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9 sept , but cant confirm

Can anybody tell me, how many teams did register for the Gwalior Pune regionals?

@vichitr @Balajiganapathi Will the top team from each institution after rank 31 who solved atleast one problem qualify for the Amritiapuri Regionals, even if the number exceeds the given 160 slots?

Obviously no right. Max available slots are 160 hence only 160 teams can be selected.

Is there any info on Kharagpur , Mathura and Kolkata regionals

Kharagpur is not happening.
On Kanpur, Mathura and Kolkata: It started with Kolkata I guess. Then it became Kanpur-Kolkata. Then it became Kanpur-Mathura. And this year its just Kanpur. So Kolkata-Kanpur-Mathura is the same regional in some sort.

Aren’t the rules written for amritapuri modified recently? because earlier it was not mentioned that teams are skipped whose institute’s any team is already selected from rule number 1 & 2 ? and if they have been modified, then how can the rules be modified after the contest? Won’t it be unfair to students if the rules are changed at the last moment?

Yes rules are modified. Earlier there were only 135 slots and only top 1 team per college was allowed. Send your suggestions if we should revert it to back to those rules.
Regarding skip line, it is just added for clarification as many folks asked same query again and again. Earlier rule was also meant to select top team only (if already selected, why one more team would be selected.) For many folks that wasn’t obvious hence made it explicit.

need a clarification over this…
How can someone register for regionals even before getting the result…

please help !!

I don’t think any new registration is needed. they will mostly move qualified teams. And don’t panic for this. They will release the instructions on the site.

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Our team has taken part in icpc preliminary rounds in Amritapuri and Gwalior-Pune regional.

In Amritapuri, we have taken xx as team name and in Gwalior-Pune, we have taken yy as team name. But preliminary round of all regional are common, so that in codedrills, our team name got merged to xx_yy

Now we are selected for both regional and in the Amritapuri’s result, our team name is xx and in the Gwalior-Pune’s result, our team name is xx_yy. Now to fill the Amritapuri regional form, they are asking for a team name, so we are confused, which team name do we have to put ? xx or xx_yy ?

Can you please help us, which team name should we have to put ?

@Balajiganapathi @vichitr

Hey use original name registered in Regional site!

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Guys my team is not going for regionals as we have got Amritapuri as out site and there are no tickets and flight tickets are very high. If we don’t go for regionals then do we get our certificates? Please help by replying and can we request to change the site?

Certificate for Regional round you won’t get obviously. Only for Qualifier round you should get.
Rest you can confirm with the Regional itself. Please mail them with your queries, they are replying.

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Where can I find Team ID?


is it mandatory for the coach to accompany the team to the site of the regional? Please clarify.