Indian ICPC Regionals 2022-23

ICPC Rules

  • Each team can have 3 members from the same college
  • A team can participate in a maximum of two regionals
  • Only coach can register the team
  • Check full rules at

Regional details

Reginal Amritapuri Mathura
Links Amrita ICPC Kanpur-Mathura
Preliminary round 18 March 2023 8-10 PM 18th March 2023
Preliminary Contest Platform CodeDrills CodeDrills
Practice Contest 15 Mar 2023 8-10 PM 17 Mar 2023 8-10 PM
Practice Contest Link ICPC Amritapuri Qualifier 2022 Mock Round ICPC Kanpur Mathura Qualifier 2022 Mock Round
ICPC India 2022 Preliminary Online Round 18 Mar 2023 8-10 PM 18 Mar 2023 2-4 PM
Registration deadline 14 Mar 2023 5 PM 14 Mar 2023 5 PM
Regional round TBD TBD
Slots 130 TBD
Onsite Platform CodeDrills TBD

Details about Kanpur Mathura Qualifier Round

  • Date time: 18 Mar 2023 2-4 PM IST
  • Host platform: CodeDrills
  • To report any issues after contest, please reach out to the RCD / regional directly.

Details about Amritapuri Qualifier Round

  • Date time: 18 Mar 2023 8-10 PM IST
  • Host platform: CodeDrills

Selection Rules for Onsite Contests - TBD
CodeDrills Telegram Channel - Link


Any updates on Gwalior Pune ICPC ?

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Maine aaj register kiya hai mathura me magar uski last date kal thi to mera ho jaayega kya payment vagera sabh kar diya hai

Hey we can’t comment on this. This is taken care by Regional RCD, not us. Please reach out to the regional only

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I don’t think it is fair that python code is run with Cpython interpreter than with pypy3 as used in icpc world finals.

Can you comment on this matter? @vichitr
Even with appropriate time multipliers python will lag behind.

Hi, I registered for amritapuri online programming contest, I did receive the mail from amritapuri campus that my payment is successful and my team status is accepted on icpc global but I wanted to ask that how can I see the list of registered teams to confirm my team registration . Also will there be any online practice round before the preliminary round for amrita ,if yes then what is its date?

Sorry but we dont have pypy support yet. We have made it already clear that we would use the given compiler. It is guaranteed only for C++ that there exists a solution which would pass in given TL. All other languages are not guaranteed to have a passing solution within given time limit.

how to create team for mathura mock round on codedrills ?

you can not create teams. Teams registered in ICPC system would be added directly

Any updates about the selection criteria for Amritapuri and Kanpur regionals ?

the that fact you don’t have pypy cost me my ranks :cry: