Looking for problem setters and testers for Indian ICPC regionals

Hello Competitive Programming community,

Every year for the past 5-6 years, the setting team of Indian ICPC regionals has struggled to put together a problem set in time for the regionals. This is because less and less former ICPC contestants are contributing back with problems and testing help. Join our setting team and help us with setting a great problem set for ICPC. This is a great opportunity to contribute back to the competitive programming community and also a great way to bring in some changes, if you want, to the contests - the setting team has a lot of say in contest duration, problem distribution, plagiarism checks, selection criteria and other related things.


Problem setters would be paid with following per problem rates. Amounts are mentioned with difficulty levels in INR.

Difficulty Payment (INR)
Cakewalk 1500
Simple 2250
Easy 3750
Easy Medium 6000
Medium 9500
Medium Hard 13000
Hard 19000

For testing it is 30% of the setting payment per problem.

It is fun

It is not just all work, the setting team has a lot of fun too! Many of us visit the regionals for the onsite contest and interact with the contestants.

Here are some past photos of us at Amritapuri over the years: