New Feature: TypeScript launched on CodeDrills

Hello CodeDrills community!

We have recently launched one more new programming language on our judge platform! Its TypeScript time!

We have integrated node.js based compiler.

  • Version: typescript@4
  • Compile Command: tsc code.ts --target es6 --typeRoots $(npm root -g)/@types
  • Run Command: node code.js
  • Time Limit Multiplier: 3x
  • Additional Memory: 256 MB
  • Almost all settings are pretty much similar to JS

I’ve made a sample submission on Find Single Number. Check my submission here.

Try some problems in this new language and let us know your feedback!

Cheers! :tada:


Good to See that Code-Drills keeps on Updating itself .


That is exciting!

Looking forward to code in Typescript where input and output is taken care. Well done CodeDrills team! Cheers!