Selection Criteria for ICPC India Regionals 2021


Selection Rules


Number of Slots: 160

  1. Teams ranked 1 to 10 are selected first.
  2. Teams ranked from 11 to 30 are invited with not more than 3 teams from the same institution.
  3. From rank 31, top team from each institution who solved at least one problem are invited. Those teams are skipped whose institute’s any team is already selected from above 2 rules.
  4. Remaining slots are filled according to the rank with a cap of max 3 from same institution.


Number of slots: 85

  1. Top 72 first rank teams from different Institute/university (i.e., rank one team from each individual Institutions/University).
  2. Top 10 second rank teams from Institute/university.
  3. Top 3 third rank teams from Institute/university.


Number of slots: 70

  • At most 03 (three) teams can participate from an Institute.
  1. Discard all teams who could not solve a single problem.
  2. Rank all teams based on the performance in the Preliminary Round.
  3. Select top 10 (ten) ranked teams for Onsite Contest.
  4. Remove these 10 teams from the Rank List
  5. Select the top ranked team from each distinct school or institute.
  6. Arrange all these top ranked teams with respect to their performance in the Preliminary
  7. Select teams from the top as long as the Onsite Contest slots are available and the
    list is not exhausted.
  8. In case it is found that the number of selected teams in this process is less than the
    available slots, remove selected teams from the Rank List and repeat step 5-7.

Hi, I have a query regarding the selection of participants for Amritapuri. In the point number 3, the top team for each college will be checked after removing the top 30 right, as stated explicitly in Kanpur?


The rules written for amritapuri have been modified recently because earlier it was not mentioned that teams are skipped whose institute’s any team is already selected from rule number 1 & 2 ? and if they have been modified then how can the rules be modified after the contest.

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It is not modified, this is what earlier rule meant as well. Multiple participants were asking same query again and again hence I updated so that just everyone dont ask the same thing again. What do you get by top team from the institute? Isn’t it very obvious that if top team is already selected, why would one more team be considered again?


Criteria by which site preference will be handled (for multi-site regionals) ?

Regionals will release that when they are ready with results.