Troubleshooting Login Issues

All registered teams should have received an invite to the contest. If you do not already have an account on CodeDrils using the mail provided for ICPC registration, you will have received the credentials too. Please login via that email, after logging in, visit the contest page. You should be able to see your team in the “My team” tab of the contest. If you are having trouble, please read through this post before contacting us:

  1. For now, only Chrome browser is supported. Ideally it should also work on all Chromium based browser. Make sure javascript is enabled. The site may not load properly on browsers like Brave. Be sure to allow notifications as browser notifications will be used for contest announcements (more here)
  2. There will be no credentials in the invite email if you have already created an account or if you have received an earlier invite with the credentials. Please search your email, including spam folders, for the credentials.
  3. In case you are unable to find your credentials using above steps, try to login using your email. If you already have an account, the login ui will prompt for password (or ask to login via Google Auth). If it asks for password , then you can try the forget password flow. If it instead asks for name and password, then that means the email was probably not added to any contest. Verify that you are using the same email with which you had registered for ICPC
  4. You may not have received the email if you had previously unsubscribed from CodeDrills or if your college mail server had blocked our domain. In that case, please follow Step #3 above.
  5. If you had previously registered on CodeDrills but not verified, you will get a verification link in the mail. Once verified, please log out and log in again so that latest verified account is considered. If an account is unverified, it won’t be allowed to submit any code.
  6. If you are still facing any issues, contact us at Make sure you are mailing us from your official ICPC email id.
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Our team status for Amritapuri online round is still not accepted and none of us have got an email for the credentials.There are no eligibility issues detected. What should we do now?

Please mail Amrita ( and ICPC Global ( since ICPC Global itself is showing not accepted.

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Our team got accepted today and hence we have not received login credentials yet.
I have logged in to Codedriils with the same email ID as of ICPC Baylor, still it doesn’t show our team in my team section of the mock round contest. @Balajiganapathi

We are waiting for the updated list from Amrita. We will update the team list only once we receive the updated list from them.

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@Dev_krishna_sadana we have now uploaded the newly received teams too. You should be able to see your teams now.

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My team haven’t been accepted yet so what should i do ? And nor we have received mail for mock contest

@Hsomniac Here is your team , Diabolical Masterminds
And mail too was delivered to you on 26th of July 2021.

Hey @Sunil_Kumhar1, only accepted teams are added to contests. Please mail ICPC Amrita / ICPC Global as required and get the team accepted.

Our team status for Amritapuri online round is accepted and none of us have got an email for the credentials. And I can’t see my team in the team tab of the contest what should I do?

@Sagar06 write to and the ICPC Amrita email stating the issue. It might be that your team was marked accepted after they last shared data. If they share the new team before the contest starts, we will upload it.

I found the team here on Codedrills. I can’t find it here The ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest
Thank you for the help.

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You other email (gmail) is part of that team not this email.

Yes I know that. Thank You for fast reply.

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Oh, you couldn’t find it in the ICPC Global list. In that case, please mail ICPC Amrita and ICPC Global so that they can check if there is any issue.

One of my team members got the credentials, after logging in, in the team members section he told me that he could not see my name while my other two teammate’s name was visible.

Please share you team details with your team member’s registered email id to

I wrote a mail to yesterday but still, my name is not showing in the team members list.

@lakshya.kumar_cs19 We are looking into it. We won’t be updating the teams for the mock contest but rather for the preliminary round.

@Balajiganapathi my name is not showing in the team members list but my team members are in.

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