Algo Queen 2024 Prelims Shortlisted

  • We are pleased to announce the list of contestants who have successfully advanced to the ICPC Algo Queen 2024 - Finals following the prelims, fulfilling the selection criteria. Currently, we are conducting plagiarism checks. If you are confident that you did not cheat in the prelims, you can begin planning your travels. Soon, we will share the “Confirmation to Participate in ICPC Algo Queen 2024 Finals” form and venue details with everyone who got promoted to the finals. However, if we discover any plagiarism, the individuals responsible will be disqualified and won’t be allowed to participate in the ICPC Algo Queen 2024 - Finals.

  • Male contestants who advanced to the Finals can only participate online and will not be eligible for prizes.

  • International contestants (Non-Indians) can participate online (remotely proctored).

  • The ICPC Algo Queen 2024 - Finals will occur on January 5-6, 2024.

NOTE: Kindly note that the final list has been revised following the plagiarism check, and the updated version is provided below. The school list remains unchanged, while the college list has a few additional entries.

School ShortList - School Ranklist

College ShortList - College RankList