Annoucement during contest

During contests, there might be some changes in the problem test or timings etc. In order to notify the users of any such changes, we have now added announcement feature. Any announcement will always appear on the contest page. Users who are present on the site at time of announcement will also get a notification.

You might have noticed that we ask for notification permission now. This permission is required if you want notification of any announcement when CodeDrills is in background . If you do not grant this permission, you will only receive notifications if you are on a CodeDrills page when the announcement goes out. If you denied permission but want to give it later, you can do that from your browser settings.
Follow these steps:

    • On your computer, open Chrome .
  • At the top right, click More and then Settings .
  • Under Privacy and security, click Site settings .
  • Click Notifications .
  • Choose the option you want as your default setting.
    • Allow a site:
      1. Next to ‘Allowed to send notifications’, click Add .
      2. Enter the
      3. Click Add .
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