Why there was no constraints mentioned in problem statement?

Recently there was a contest on CodeDrills [CodeDrills] while solving unfortunately I didn’t found any constraints in any of the problems in the contest. I enjoyed the problems but ended up with lots of runtime errors.

The constrain one, was it intentional? mostly I saw the constraints in every problem in any contest.

No. None of the interview problem will have constraints. That’s how they are. You need to think of all edge cases or anything.
Check any previous interview rounds, Or any interview problem, generally they don’t have any constraints and yes, thats intentional to prepare you for real interview.


Kindly provide constraints. It is frustrating to spend 15 minutes to try to optimise the code only to know later that less optimized solutions can pass.

Sorry but thats the whole point of an interview round. You purpose best solution you have first and then optimise.