CodeDrills feature request

Hi all, now that the ICPC regionals season has come to an end, we wanted to hear from you - what features do you want on CodeDrills the most? This is your chance to influence the direction and growth of the site. Vote for the ideas you want to see the most. Any other ideas, just comment to this post!

  • Dark Mode :crescent_moon:
  • pypy3 support for python
  • IDE like editor :computer:
  • Merge users (e.g. icpc college id with personal id) :handshake:
  • Delete user :wastebasket:
  • Better editorials
  • More languages
  • More contests :trophy:
  • Prizes/swag via virtual coins :moneybag:
  • More sites in profile
  • More statistics on contest page :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • More statistics on personal profile page :blush:
  • Skill based problems (e.g. SQL, web3, React etc.)
  • Better scoreboard (searching, friends)
  • Integration with content creators (e.g. video tutorials) :video_camera:
  • Rating system
  • Export solutions to github
  • Interactive problems
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Copy test case

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