How to register for ICPC Online Preliminary?

How do i register for ICPC Online Preliminary?

It is my first time doing ICPC so please answer my following question.

  1. How should i get started ? I have made an ICPC Account on , now what next?

  2. Are people in 8th semester eligible for this year, as exams would have finished till then

  3. What is the role of coach in this?


The way registration works is, first the coach has to register (preferably using an official email id), then create the team and invite all the members. Then the members have to complete their profiles for the registration to be considered successful.


As for your question of eligibility, you should still be eligible going by the rules here. Quote from there:

Period of Eligibility

Note: If the 2020 regional year is delayed, we still determine the eligibility at the point as if the year was not delayed (normally October 1 2020).