ICPC 2020 Amrita Regional Registration

Hi everyone!

Registration is open for Asia Amritapuri First Round Online Programming Contest. You can register on Baylor site. link - The ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest.
You can register between March 01, 2021 to 30 April 2021.
There is no registration fees.
Preliminary Round is on May 16 . Duration: 2.5 hours.
Regional Round is on May 30. Duration: 5 hours.


Sorry for my basic question but is there a registration limit for a site?

I mean if i register on 28 April, will it be a problem?

You have to register before 30 April. Would recommend you register well in advance to avoid last minute rush. There is not limit on number of teams that can register for a site.

icpc.global asks for a person’s last name on signup. What should one do if they don’t have one?

I had same issue. When I had registered for world finals, they had asked to put last name as “LNU” (Last Name Unknown).

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Even I faced this issue. Either you can LNU as @Balajiganapathi suggested. Other way is you can use your first name as last name also.

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