ICPC AlgoQueen 2024

To register for the ICPC AlgoQueen, you can:

  1. Go to CodrDrills website: [ Sign Up]- ICPC AlgoQueen 2024 Registration link
  1. Sign-up or login to register

  2. Fill in the required details

  3. Accept the email invite

Follow this link for video instructions : ICPC AlgoQueen 2024 Registration Guide

You can also reah out on telegram channel: ICPC AlgoQueen 2024 Discussion Group

If you have any questions feel free to ask here.

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is getting late for us to submit the code
we can’t able to submit it

Also am facing this issue

They are not accepting my submission How Ican resolve it?

@F223076_Javeria_Iqbal you have to register for the contest before it starts. You can register at CodeDrills - currently registrations are stopped for the duration of contest - you can register after it ends.

Hi @Swati
I have solved all questions accurately, on Scoreboard it shows 4 solved questions and my ranking not also changed.
Please let me know, what is an issue.
My handle name is: Ilsa
Full name: Ilsa Afzaal

You have to submit via the contest page for the submission to be considered for that contest. Many contestants submitted in the practice problem instead of in the contest - so their submissions won’t be considered!

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How can I select my preferred coding language for the contest?

@Shreya_Sarangi Check this tutorial on how to solve a problem on CodeDrills and select a language.

Hello, I just want to ask, if I am busy during the practice contest time, is there a problem in not entering it ?

Hi, it is strongly recommended to participate in practice contest to get ready for prelims and finals for your own benefit.

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please help me resolve this error.

Hi Prakriti,

During contest, you are expected to resolve compile errors on your own. But since this is a practice contest we will help.

Just use cin >> t; The endl is required when outputting (e.g. cout << output << endl;). It is a way to indicate end of line when outputting data in C++.

Please share details to hello@codedrills.io

Do not use endl with cin. You should only use it with cout.

yes sir, got my mistake. Thank you very much!

Please add this testcase to problem E.

2 3
3 3
3 1

Answer should be 0. Correct submission to this question is only getting 60% points. Wrong submission where equality is taken as inequality is getting passed for 100%. Please recheck all solutions for E.

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May we get to know the pattern of Finals? How many questions would be there to solve?