ICPC AlgoQueen Girls Programming Cup 2023

Dear participants of the ICPC AlgoQueen Girls Programming Cup 2023 on Codedrills,

We hope you are enjoying the competition and challenging yourself to showcase your coding skills. We want to hear about your experiences and share them with the world. Whether it’s your first time competing in a coding competition or you are a seasoned pro, we want to know what you think!

We invite you to tag us on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, and share your experience of participating in the competition using the hashtag #Codedrills or simply @Codedrills We’re excited to see your posts and read about your journey, including any challenges you faced, moments of triumph, and connections made with other participants.

By sharing your experience, you not only inspire others to take up coding but also help us celebrate the diversity and talent of girls in technology. Your post could encourage other girls to pursue a career in tech and show the world what girls can achieve when given the opportunity.

As an added bonus, we will feature some of our favourite posts on our website and social media channels. So, don’t forget to tag us, and you might see your post featured for the world to see!

Thank you for participating in the ICPC AlgoQueen Girls Programming Cup 2023 on Codedrills. We’re proud of you, and we can’t wait to see what you achieve!

Best regards,

The Codedrills Team