ZCO 2024 discussion

What do you guys think . I got 90. I think this year was easier than previous years.

i messed up :frowning: 46+28
i should have full solved the 1st question

Which grade/Class ? Hope we qualify

By when shall we expect the results to be officially announced.

Also i got a mere 68 is there any hope for me or should i ropemaxx

They are announced now :smile:

Everyone above the cutoff gives inoi right ??
I got 55 and the cutoff was 51 so I will qualify right ??

can anyone share the most important concepts for inoi

I was not able to get the first question. Can someone send the solution to it?. Second problem I was able to get first three subtasks by n^2 solution and then I implemented the subtasks where n=1 by storing the first and last occurrence and storing them. Overall I scored 63 since I solved some subtasks from the first one and I made it.

@Keshav_Agarwala official editorial is released now :slight_smile: