ZCO mock 31st march

Hello codedrills,
Does anyone know that is 60 ok for grade 11 in zco mock which happened today ?

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It depends on the difficulty level of questions asked in ZCO. Last year, the questions were very difficult. In 2023, for Class 11, the selection score was 22 or higher out of 200; in 2022, it was >= 83/200 for Class 11th.

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@Balajiganapathi sir editorial is not showing for this contest! Please fix it!

Can anyone give me the code to the question → CAKE. btw I got 83 . I am giving ZCO for the 1st time → were the questions of ZCO level or higher/lower?? .
Furthermore what are the important concepts that I should practice in the last week .

got total 83 or cake 83

@Om_Singh We do not plan to publish any editorials for the mock contest. However the setter’s solution is now available on the editorial page for reference.

not showing!

@Om_Singh sorry, should be visible now.

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@Balajiganapathi is 51 points enough to clear zco in 3rd mock test