My worst fear came true

ICPC preliminary is clashing with my placement interview :sob:

I am at a stage where i can’t backoff from this interview and also i don’t want to quit on icpc at last stage :sob:

can’t this contest be conducted on standard codeforces time? which is 8:05 PM IST?


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Sorry to hear about the clash with your placements. Unfortunately we can’t change the timings now as we had already announced this slot as the prelim timings.

PS: The placement - ICPC clash is as old as ICPC itself :frowning: When I was participating, twice there were direct clash with ICPC online round. First time we convinced our college to postpone the placement test. Second time, I gave the online round alone while my team mates (who were in final year) joined later. Do try to work out something similar for your team. Good luck!


and u made it to world finals still


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what is the qualifying rank?

There are 2 criteria

  1. Firstly top ranked teams from each college will be considered.
  2. Then remaining slots will be filled accordingly based on ranks

However, I think there should be a final list which would be published :thinking:

also @Balajiganapathi do we need to pay for next round?

That is mentioned on Amrita site. Yeah selected teams’ list would be published and qualifying teams would need to register for next round and there is a fee of 700 per team. For more details check here.

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When will the list be out ?

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