Submission Limits

Starting now, there will be some restrictions on how soon and how many submissions can be made.

There are two types of code submissions on CodeDrills - a test run is run against the sample test cases or against custom input of the user. A submit is run against the full test set.

The restrictions that apply are:

  • A test run has to be atleast 10s after the previous submission by that user. The previous submission can be another test run or submit for same problem or another problem.
  • A submit does not have any restrictions similar to test run. However only a total of 500 submits per user can be made during a contest. This will apply to all contests starting now.
  • During some contests (e.g. ICPC related contests), all submissions outside of that contest will be disallowed when the contest is running.

You might note that the restrictions are quite generous. The intention behind them is not to add an extra constraint to worry about but rather to prevent any abuse of the system.