Submission, test case and subtasks verdicts explained

Here are all the verdicts possible and their meaning

Verdict Meaning What you can do
Waiting Submission is waiting for its turn on the queue Wait - if it is taking some time it is probably due to high queue size.
Compiling Code is being compiled -
Running Code is being run against the test cases. It can optionally show how many test cases have been evaluated -
Compile Error Your code did not compile. There will be an error message also showing details of the error Make sure the code is syntactically correct for the language. Fix the compile error - usually the line number is given in the error too. Note that compile errors on submit are not considered for contest penalty (for contests with penalties enabled)
Runtime Error Your code exited with an error/exit code of not zero This can be cause by various issues such as divide by 0, accessing wrong index in array, not returning 0 in exit code etc. Think about all possible cases and where your code can do this
Time Limit Exceeded Your code took more time than the time limit on the problem and was stopped Probably the solution complexity is not enough or implementation has a bug. Try to think of “worst case” tests which will make your code take longer than the time limit and try to make sure your code is efficient enough for that
Wrong Answer Your code executed correctly, but the output was wrong Try to think of all cases and make sure your code handles it. Especially edge cases (like n=0/n=1 etc. depending on the problem).
Source Limit Exceeded Your code is too long Make sure you shorten your code. This usually happens if you try to hardcode something within the code. Sometimes, setters will deliberately set smaller source code limit to disallow hard-coding of data
Memory Limit Exceeded Your code took more memory than the limit Make sure you are allocating data efficiently and are not using too much memory. Try to optimise your code for memory. Usually involves trading off time vs memory
Output Limit Exceeded Your code outputs too much data Make sure your code does not output extra stuff. If it is multiple answer possible type question, then setters would have made sure that answers are always possible within the output limit.
Judge Error Something is went wrong with the output checker or judge itself Please report it via clarifications interface or on discuss immediately. This should not happen and is an error
Partially Correct Your code passed some test cases / subtasks, you will get partial score Solve more test cases/subtasks to get more score
Correct Answer All good! Good job, you solved it!