ZCO Practice contest #1

Respected @Balajiganapathi Sir,
i wanted to ask about this practice contest CodeDrills , as of present i have learned only 1% 0f c++ foundations , albeit i was able to solve problem statement one of this contest but i got it correct after 4 tries , i am currently learning c++ from educate.io & the course depicts that all topics are covered which is the reason I also included a snapshot of the course topics and how much i have completed , So my query is shall i continue my learning and then retry solving the practice contest or solve the drills on codedrills platform or practice c++ with the few knowledge i have ?

Thank you in advance for your consideration,


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Hi Altamas,

That’s a great question. I would recommend doing both - learning the details and standard library of a language like C++ is important but at the same time it is also important to gain practice by solving problems. You can start with easy tagged problems or easier problems of past contest on codedrills. Try solving problems regularly - it Is ok to take multiple tries to solve a problem! Don’t worry about number of tries or not being able to solve a problem - those are good learning opportunities to learn something!

Best wishes for your programming journey.


Thank you sir, I will try to solve as many
easy problems I can and get back to you for more queries.

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Another query : Is there any code testing limit before submitting for online judging, because then i might have some problem using local compilers such as g++ gnu.

Hi what do you mean by code testing limit? Not sure I understood the question.

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Sorry i meant that how many times can i test the code on codedrills ide before submitting it for online judging , because according to iarcs contest environment has ubuntu os and i don’t have experience with compiling code through command line.So the alternate solution is to use the ide of codedrills during contest.

We do recommend using locally to ensure code is saved properly. On CodeDrills there is no limit on number of times. But there is a limit on how soon you can do it - it is around 10s (i.e. you have to wait 10s before running/submitting again).There is also a limit on how many times you can submit (but not test runs).

See Submission Limits for full details.

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Thanks Again, I’ll be back with my questions after today’s ZCO mock contest.

I have a query that what is format to start in java because on writing direct like System.out.println(); it is giving error

@Nishu Use class Main and put your code in main function inside. Check Apple and Bananas sample solution for an example.


its taking to much time for tests, shall i start writing from scratch.

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Due to high number of test cases and contestants, it might take a while to get the verdicts. Please be patient. In general test as much as possible locally with your own cases before submitting to avoid long wait times to know results.

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Sir could you please refer me any documentations on how to use c++ 17 locally on windows 7 32 bit + 381 mb free memory

@Balajiganapathi Query: In Zco if ill make submission and it goes wrong, so eill on next sunmission some marks deduct?

@Nishu There are no penalties for wrong answers in ZCO

Sir in java I am solving the problem correctly in my own defined method, and the logic is right but while checking it is rejecting

This is my code

Moreover, I am getting understanding what these subtasks are and how to use them in our code, I can solve what is asked in subtaks but I am not understanding how to solvw it , i.e either i have to create a other method or i have to make a condition check or anything else, please tell me as for my correct answers also they are not accpeting my solutions

GO to official docs of C++, or see for codewithahrrray.

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Indeed very useful, Thanks mate.

@Balajiganapathi Sir according to 31st mock test, is zco harder or easier?
And can you please provide me important list of methods for cp in java like str.toCharArray, .lenght, etc.,

And sir I got 47 in cke is it okay or good

For Java refer to GitHub - lnishan/awesome-competitive-programming: 💎 A curated list of awesome Competitive Programming, Algorithm and Data Structure resources for some good articles to get started.

Don’t worry about if it is good or not , just focus on practicing and getting better and better. Good luck!