Different Name in ICPC Two regionals

Hi Community,
We registered our team for the Kanpur region. Later, we tried registering a team for the Gwalior region with the same team name, but it returned that the teamname already existed in the contest. We registered with some other names.
As Codedrills is conducting prelims for all 3 qualifications combined, will this cause any issue?

Should be fine. We will consider only the team members across regionals and ignore the name.

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How did you registered for gwalior regionals, On icpc global website it is showing that “Registration period not set”. We did payment through google form at gwalior regionals website but we got a mail that we haven’t registered our team at icpc global. Can you please help me with the registration.

Hi Gwalior registration is open under 2021-22 and not 2022-23.

The ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest > Select year 2021-22 > Expand The 2021 ICPC Asia West Contests > The 2021 ICPC Asia Gwalior-Pune First Round Online Programming Contest > Open

Following page should open: Gwalior Pune First Round 2021
Click Register > Select any option. Should not matter.