Indian ICPC Regionals 2023-24

Indian ICPC Regionals 2023-24

ICPC Rules

  • Each team can have 3 members from the same college
  • A team can participate in a maximum of two regionals
  • Only coach can register the team
  • Check full rules at

Regional details

Regional Amritapuri Chennai Kanpur
Links Amritapuri ICPC Chennai ICPC Kanpur ICPC
Preliminary round (common) 26 November, 2023 11 AM - 1 PM
Preliminary Contest Platform CodeDrills
Qualifier Contest Link ICPC India Preliminary 2023
Practice Contest 25 November, 2023 6 PM - 8 PM
Practice Contest Link ICPC India Preliminary 2023 Mock Round
Registration deadline 15 November 2023 15 November 2023 16 November 2023
Regional round 27 - 28 Jan 2024 11 - 12 Jan 2024 22 - 23 Dec 2023
Slots 250 100 100
Selection Rules Amritapuri Rules Chennai Rules Kanpur Rules
Onsite Platform CodeDrills CodeDrills CodeDrills

Steps for registration of Preliminary Round

CodeDrills Telegram Channel - Link

Note: Information mentioned here is taken from individual regional sites. Information mentioned on their websites would be taken as final.


I have already registered for Chennai region, but it is showing me PENDING, is this happening with everyone or it just me?

Nope friend, My team also shows pending in the Chennai region while accepted in Amrita. I also mailed the Chennai team but no one responded.

It was showing pending also for my friend yesterday night, but now it is accepted.

@NANDRE_HETAN what is the exact selection criteria for ICPC Asia West this year? It seems that only 1 team has been selected from every institute, which is different from last year, when at most 1 team per college per regional was taken instead. How are the results from different regionals being compared, since every regional has different difficulty of the questions and a different set of teams participating? The structure from last year is much more sensible, and the requirement of selecting at most 1 team per college for the ICPC Finals can be fulfilled at Asia West instead (as has happened last year too).