Indian ICPC Regionals 2020

@Balajiganapathi then what about the registration fee (regional contest) of amritapuri site?

When is the last day to confirm registration at amritapuri site ? Like till which date we can cancel amritapuri registration.

@Balajiganapathi Will participants of regionals round get certificates mentioning “Regionalist” ?

There is no registeration fee this year for Amritapuri site!

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@Balajiganapathi Do you have any information related to the number of slots that would be available in other regionals? If not the current numbers, can you let us know what were the slots available in the previous years? Also, the Kharagpur site doesn’t seem to show any news related to this year’s regionals. Will they be conducting a regional or that itself is TBA?

@Manan_Shah It is impossible to predict number of slots beforehand as it is only announced later. Last few years’ slots may not be an indicator of this year’s slot due to different number of teams, some regionals’ potential cancellation and Asia West finals’ status. All that we can be reasonably sure is all regional’s winner would probably get a WF slot provided all Indian regionals winner are from different college.

Kharagpur has not announced whether they will even be conducting the regional or not. At this point I would think it is most likely cancelled as there is very limited time left to announce and finish the regional before the deadline. But will be keeping the entry around atleast till the end of month just in case they announce.

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Just to point out, there is no registration fee for the prelim round, but there is registration fee for regional round

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I would like to know more about the distribution of slots / criteria for qualification from regionals. For sites other than Amritapuri, there’s only one round of contest, 1. would the top X teams be considered for WF?
2. is there some other criteria?

Additionally, I believe it’s safe to assume that Amrita regional would have more slots for WF, but how much of a disparity between number of slots is expected, between Amrita and non Amrita sites?

cc @Balajiganapathi @vichitr

@gupta_samarth Yes top x team from each regionals will qualify for WF. The exact seats is only announced much later and is difficult to predict now.

Are there any new updates about timings of Kanpur and Gwalior regionals?

@Jenish_Monpara1 Gwalior regionals has announced the timings of regionals and mock contest. Have updated the same. You can check above and on the CodeDrills Gwalior ICPC page. Kanpur has not yet announced the timings.

One more feedback xD -
It would be nice if problem name also contains problem’s code. E.g. "A. Break, Merge and Sort instead of Break, Merge and Sort.

When will we know if we qualified to amritapuri regionals ?


How will we get to know if we qualified for the regionals or not ?

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Maybe we will later do something to add an extra A-Z characters in Name panel. I can’t explicitly do because the url is directly created by name so having “a-” as a prefix in URL, doesn’t look good.

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You can add the index in the route itself


or maybe even cleaner

The registration for Kanpur-Mathura regionals is showing to be predicted eligible but pending. When will it get accepted?

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@Balajiganapathi We have a team member who graduated in July 2021. We were eligible to participate in Amritapuri preliminary round, but for registering for Kanpur regionals we’re getting error saying that he has already graduated. In our opinion, 4th yearites should get a chance to participate in ICPC. Please can you suggest a solution for this problem?

@Parth_Pawar unfortunately I have no idea how to resolve this. Your best bet would be to mail the help mails of both Kanpur regionals and ICPC Global HQ (they handle the registration portal). If you do find a solution, please share here so others can benefit too.

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it is nothing to worry, all our team members are graduated and we registered successfully