Indian ICPC Regionals 2020

@Balajiganapathi We have a team member who graduated in July 2021. We were eligible to participate in Amritapuri preliminary round, but for registering for Kanpur regionals we’re getting error saying that he has already graduated. In our opinion, 4th yearites should get a chance to participate in ICPC. Please can you suggest a solution for this problem?

@Parth_Pawar unfortunately I have no idea how to resolve this. Your best bet would be to mail the help mails of both Kanpur regionals and ICPC Global HQ (they handle the registration portal). If you do find a solution, please share here so others can benefit too.

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it is nothing to worry, all our team members are graduated and we registered successfully

Hey when we will get to know whether we have qualified for regional or not

Tomorrow night if all goes well.

something didn’t go well?


When the official results will be announced ?because we also have to do payment before 12 August

The results are published here

See results here

What happens to the teams not there in this list?

Today is 11th August and now we only have 2 days to do payment and the payment link has yet not been shared @Balajiganapathi please do something

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They may extend payment date in worst case. I just want to get the final list of the teams qualified.

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yeah don’t worry about deadline, you would get enough time for the payment.

do we’ll get mail regarding our team selected or not for regionals ?

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@Balajiganapathi @vichitr I am in the final qualified list.
Today I checked my prifile on (Baylor Website). In the teams section, it is showing “No” under “Registration Complete”. My whole profile is already complete and updated. But it is still showing as “No”.
Due to this my team is Predicted Ineligible. Please help.

FYI, it was complete when I had registered 3 months ago, and hence it’s status is “Accepted” for Asia Amritapuri First Round Online Programming Contest

what is our team id, is it the codedrills id or icpc id that we have to submit on the amritapuri website for payment details? @Balajiganapathi

Please enter the ICPC id

Just wanted to ask a small clarification @deepa_panwar @Balajiganapathi @vichitr

The ICPC Team ID at payment page is the 6 digit number in the ranklist right?

Yes, It is the ICPC team id found on the list

Why the hell did you guys dilute the significance of being a Regionalist by allowing so many teams to qualify for the Regionals?