Indian ICPC Regionals 2021-22

Our team has taken part in icpc preliminary rounds in Amritapuri and Gwalior-Pune regional.

In Amritapuri, we have taken xx as team name and in Gwalior-Pune, we have taken yy as team name. But preliminary round of all regional are common, so that in codedrills, our team name got merged to xx_yy

Now we are selected for both regional and in the Amritapuri’s result, our team name is xx and in the Gwalior-Pune’s result, our team name is xx_yy. Now to fill the Amritapuri regional form, they are asking for a team name, so we are confused, which team name do we have to put ? xx or xx_yy ?

Can you please help us, which team name should we have to put ?

@Balajiganapathi @vichitr

Hey use original name registered in Regional site!

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Guys my team is not going for regionals as we have got Amritapuri as out site and there are no tickets and flight tickets are very high. If we don’t go for regionals then do we get our certificates? Please help by replying and can we request to change the site?

Certificate for Regional round you won’t get obviously. Only for Qualifier round you should get.
Rest you can confirm with the Regional itself. Please mail them with your queries, they are replying.

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Where can I find Team ID?


is it mandatory for the coach to accompany the team to the site of the regional? Please clarify.

@Sourav_Kumar_Dubey No, it is not mandatory for coach to visit the regionals.

To identify your team! ID works well!

I have a doubt about accommodation for Gwalior. We are planning on coming on 2nd oct, will accommodation be available on that day?

Please check with them only! If get a reply, do answer here as well

Can somebody please help me. My team got selected for amritapuri site. But due to transportation issues we wrote a mail to icpc for reallocating us to banglore site.
Thry replied by saying that its not possible and will inform after sometime. So we paid the fees for amritapuri site. But today I received a mail saying that we have been Reallocated to banglore. So what about my payment for amritapuri??? Please help

Amrita contest rules indicate that “Teams who wish to cancel the registration after the paying the fee shall do the same latest by October 1”. Will we get a full refund here?

I dont quite get your question. Amritapuri site is a multi-site, you can be allotted either Amritapuri or Bangalore campus. Wherever you go, you are in Amritapuri Regional only. Fees is to be paid if you are qualified and wish to attend the onsite contest. Its not based on Amritapuri/Bangalore location. What’s your confusion?

Yes! Read next line and its very clear.

Oh I’m really sorry, initially, I myself was confused. But now everything is clarified. My regionals site was changed from amritapuri to banglore on our request, so I got confused because by that time paid the fees, and I didnt knew whether there exists another portal for banglore site or is the common one. But now everything is clear. Thank you

The schedule of the regionals mentions college id card and letter of invitation is necessary for registration.
But we didn’t receive any such invitation yet. Please clarify this.

Another query is about laptops. Can we bring our laptop and use them during the contest?

I called at Amritapuri regionals and they said that, you will get the latter of invitation in a couple of days.

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Is there a public live ranklist for the about regionals happening now?

EDIT found: CodeDrills

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